About Us

In two modern plants in the heart of The Netherlands, BBS Food produces a wide range of chicken convenience products and spare ribs. Western European consumers prefer chicken filet to legs and other chicken parts. BBS adds maximum value to these ‘cheaper’ parts by marinating, cooking, freezing or refrigerating them and packaging them for many international retailers and other private-label clients. During the past few years, the product range was extended in an innovative way. Not only with new products but also with new processing methods and packaging concepts.

Transparance, hygiene and durability

Hygiene, durability and transparency are important values for BBS Food. Therefore, all products are 100% traceable thanks to fully automated tracking & tracing, quality, MES and ERP systems, that guarantee customers traceability at the touch of a button. BBS started with frozen products, but recently introduced the innovative Steampack. Immediately after roasting, the products are packaged pathogen-free using hot steam. This optimum hygiene ensures a long shelf life, and the quality and structure of the meat is retained well. All the consumer has to do is heat it.

Your brand, your taste... and BBS quality

BBS convenience food make life easier for consumers and business clients do not have to waste time either. With its 1-2-3 concept (product, process, packaging) BBS offers private-label customers maximum service. Clients can choose from a wide range of products and flavors,  different types of cooking and packaging. This way BBS offers customization for every private label of poultry meat products.


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