About Us

FRAmelco provides farmers with feed and drinking water additive solutions that increase animal health and performance, while reducing the use of antibiotics. The company takes pride in delivering high quality products and service. Research and development are fundamental to worldwide growth in today’s ever-changing animal feed industry. FRAmelco therefore nurtures a company culture that stimulates the inventiveness and the personal development of its employees. This leads to an environment where researchers and technicians can develop innovative solutions. All of FRAmelco’s solutions are based on extensive literature studies and testing carried out in collaboration with different international research facilities.

Partnerships with poultry professionals

FRAmelco’s poultry products target an increase in profitability throughout the entire production chain. Meat and egg producers may expect improved resistance and higher production levels of their animals. The varied poultry line by FRAmelco consists of program solutions for the health, performance, safety and nutritional needs of poultry. FRAmelco is devoted to developing long-term mutually beneficial partnerships with its customers. All manufacturing facilities are ISO-certified and the quality management systems incorporate HACCP principles to provide full traceability. Other certifications include GMP+ (good manufacturing practice), Fami-QS and SecureFeed. 

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