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Infrared heating systems

For almost 40 years now, Alke has earned a worldwide reputation in advanced heating equipments for barns. More than 1.6 million gasfired Infrared heaters have already found their way to customers in over 90 countries worldwide. An optimal environment is of great importance to poultry. Especially the first days of a chick’s life are determining for the animals’ further development. Research has shown that the use of infrared heating stimulates the growth of young animals. This is because of the radiant heat that warms the animals. This radiation can be compared to the heat from the sun.

Innovation and sustainability

Alke cooperates with companies such as Hotraco, Impex and Multifan. The combination of products from these suppliers with own products and knowledge lead to innovative solutions, that make Alke an excellent partner for turn-key projects. Although much of Alke’s ‘classic’ designs will last for many years, the company also has a vision for the future. Alke invests in significant research and development to meet the demands of the modern world. The upswing of alternative energy sources made Alke come up with design changes towards biofuels. A irriversible development that Alke integrates into its products to preserve the planet.

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