About Us

Knowledge is power. Knowledge is a prerequisite for a strong market position. That applies to both the primary sector and the supply industry of the poultry sector. Every specific need for knowledge requires a customised solution. PTC+ provides that solution with practice-oriented training courses for the poultry segment and other sectors. Students and training participants from companies all over the world use the power of PTC+: that is, high-quality knowledge combined with excellent facilities. Thanks to practice training - seeing, discovering and doing things for yourself – PTC+ guarantees that course participants will learn all they need to know.

Learning by doing

In its own poultry houses PTC+ simulates the poultry business in a very lifelike way. That makes the training centre the perfect meeting place for (future) specialists and innovative producers that are eager to learn new things. In this environment, knowledge is not only shared but also developed. Always with a focus on the future. The centers of PTC+ offer training courses for all levels: from secondary education and vocational education to higher education and university levels. The trainers of PCT+ are experienced professionals. They give on-site courses all over the world, where they act as a trainer and as a consultant. That typifies the strong position of PTC + as a knowledge provider.


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