About Us

For more than 50 years, Thermobile has been making mobile and stationary space heaters to warm virtually any area. Heaters from 2 to 385 kilowatt exist for virtually any conceivable area and application. The heaters work on diesel, fuel oil, paraffin, propane, natural gas or electricity , and even on waste oil. Products are distributed via the Thermobile sales and service offices in the Netherlands, France and England and via a worldwide network of dedicated partners.

Pamper your poultry with Thermobile warmth

The specially designed AGA and TAS heaters by Thermobile are known around the world for their quality, reliability and user friendliness. The AGA series runs on propane or natural gas. The TAS is the oil-fired version. The distinctive characteristic of both series is the fresh air intake for the burner, which prevents dust build-up in the burner head and, more importantly, it ensures that no harmful flue gases, such as carbon monoxide, are produced. All models have stainless steel housing and the controls are located in a waterproof, dustproof panel. All Thermobile AGA and TAS heaters are equipped with a thermostat connection.

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