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PPDA consultancy works for the entire poultry industry: for farmers of chicken (meat and leg), turkeys and ducks. The four veterinarians have years of experience in solving specific poultry health problems. Securing the health of poultry starts with prevention, and there lies the strength of PPDA consultancy. The starting point for their therapy choice is a restrictive antibiotic policy. The basis for this is the international One Health principle that takes into account animal health, animal welfare, public health and food safety.

Advice and laboratory testing

PPDA consultancy started as a local veterinary practice in the east of the Netherlands, but after the opening of a branch in Germany, its working area expanded. In recent years, growing demand for hands-on support from Africa and the Middle East has given PPDA consultancy a worldwide focus. Besides visiting local farms, PPDA also offers section possibilities and laboratory tests. Results from section, bacteriology, parasitology and serology help make a diagnosis, whereafter PDDA choses a treatment plan in consultation with the farmer.

Carefully selected feed additives

The PPDA treatment plans can be based on the tried and tested products of the own TotalFit line. Over the years these products (often feed additives) have been selected by the PPDA veterinarians based on their proven effectiveness. PPDA's strength lies in the critical capacity of its experienced vets that do not follow main stream assumptions but continue to rely on their proper knowledge and the search for new and practical solutions.

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