About Us

Vostermans Ventilation has a long-time experience in the production of fans for the agricultural sector. The various types of fans are resistant to the aggressive environment in poultry houses and can continuously meet the air flow requirements: most fans are warranted for 3 years. Other important advantages of the Multifan axial fans are their low energy consumption, low noise level and low-maintenance characteristics. All parts of the fans can be recycled and the different varieties allow different mouting positions.

Modular control equipment

Besides fans, Vostermans Ventilation also supplies Mf-Net control equipment, an open modular regulating system for various applications. By combining different modules (control equipment) diverse applications can be built together. It is possible to control fans and other equipment (heating, air inlets, etc.) via transformer, triac or frequency switches or a wide range of thermostats.

Specific solutions for poultry farms

Vostermans Ventilation has developed several specific solutions for poultry farming that guarantee adequate ventilation capacity in an efficient way. Wall fans and tube fans can be used in various ventilation systems. The company has a very wide range of recirculation fans that ensure the optimum distribution of air in the poultry houses. For length or tunnel ventilation, Vostermans developed the Multifan 130 (3 or 5 blades or with cone) and a complete line of Multifan Fiberglass Cone Fans.



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