About Us

During the rendering process poultry by-products that are not intended for human consumption are transformed into valuable proteins, minerals and oils. Such as meat and bone meal, feathers meal, blood meal and fats, tallow and oils. The meals are sold to the pet food industry and feed industry, whereas fats are used by the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, oil industry and many other sectors. The way of processing determines the value of the end products. This is why Mavitec argues: ‘Rendering is not waste handling, it is nutrition management!’

Quality service

Mavitec Rendering, part of Mavitec Group (all kinds of recycling), supplies turnkey systems and equipment for the rendering of animal by-products with help of its powerful American partner, The Dupps Company. Mavitec proposes complex process solutions in a simple and effective way, customized to the needs of its clients. A considerable part of the machinery is produced in Mavitec’s proper plants in the Netherlands and abroad. The electrical installations (control boxes) are manufactured in the main plant in Heerhugowaard (NL). This is also where the component are assembled. In addition to design and production of the systems, service and maintenance are very important activities for Mavitec.

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