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Our interwovenness in the agricultural world goes beyond greenhouse horticulture, we have also been installing high-pressure fogging installations in barns for over 30 years. Originally mainly for humidity and adiabatic cooling of poultry, but increasingly also to keep pigs, dairy cows or other animals vital. Depending on humidity and temperature outside, above 30 degrees Celsius you can lower the temperature inside by 5 to 8 degrees Celsius. Hundreds of stables in the Netherlands and Belgium are already familiar with this, made possible thanks to the high-quality and reliable MJ-Tech installations. Recently, first steps have also been taken to go even further and make the installation part of a fire control system.

Hundreds of barns in The Netherlands and Belgium are well known with the high quality and reliable e MJ-Tech installations. Depending on the air inlet and ventilation concept, the optimal installation is considered for each barn. It is crucial to realize that ultimately only high-pressure fogging ensures a uniform and effective way of cooling; Water and energy consumption with a pad cooling system are much higher and you also have temperature differences in the house. The MJ-Tech solution, with ammonia-resistant stainless-steel pipes and in-house made press fittings, ensures the smallest possible drops (3-10 microns). Such small drop scan only be created with a high pressure pump unit; The system is active with a pressure of 80 to 120 bar (1160 to 1740 psi). These smallest possible drops and the correct placement of the nozzles in relation to your livestock ensure that your animals do not get wet.

Quality is of paramount importance at MJ-Tech in every facet of business operations. That’s in our people and products. To have an optimal view of it, we consciously keep all expertise within the walls of our own company. We design and make everything ourselves, without outsourcing anything.
In that process we only use advanced machines and high-quality stainless steel material.
Quality also lies in the Corporate Social Responsibility, which we always keep in mind. The ‘green’ philosophy that we strive for and especially the high-quality service, which is no exception but our rule.


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