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Over 30 years ago VIV started as a concept for animal production in poultry and pigs and became an innovator on the subject. Nowadays VIV is recognized as a brand name among international target groups; a world standard for top quality in innovative livestock production. VIV is set up according to the Feed to Meat concept which involves all sectors in the animal protein production chain. As a result VIV events are platforms where all participants in meat production can work together to provide the guarantees consumers are demanding.

VIV trade exhibitions are recognized for high trade quality in the professional industry. With over a 1,000 international companies exhibiting and visitors from over 140 countries the VIV-shows are also considered as highly international. VIV works with local partners to fulfill local market needs and top quality service and has relations with trade media and representatives all over the world to promote the trade shows and related events, conferences and co-operations.


VIV Europe VIV Asia VIV China VIV Russia VIV Turkey VIV India For more details on the individual trade shows and related events: http://www.viv.net/
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