Having accepted an invitation to attend, DPC chair Jan Wolleswinkel visited the three-yearly Agritech Exhibition in Tel Aviv from 27 to 30 April. The exhibition focus was on Agriculture, Food, Water and Technology. Alongside visitors from Israel, guests from India, China and several African countries, including Nigeria, were also evident. The delegation from the Netherlands, organised by Three4life, was headed by Mr Jan Hak. In close liaison with the embassy, an orange-coloured Holland Point stand was set up at the exhibition in anticipation of there being a good representation of the Dutch business community. A number of DCP members were present with their own stands, whilst others placed their business interests in turnkey projects run by Israeli companies.

In addition to establishing contacts at the exhibition, Jan Wolleswinkel was given the opportunity of explaining the structure and methodology of the Dutch poultry industry at a symposium organised by the embassy and relating to the theme of ‘Reducing Food Waste’. It is a theme that touches on many vegetable-related issues as well as being of significance to the Dutch Poultry Supply Chain in terms of raising livestock. In the Netherlands the production of animal feeds is carried out through the efficient use of raw materials and products which are not or no longer suitable for human consumption. Questions centred mainly on the Dutch agricultural business's global export position in relation to the size of our country.

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