The Ministry of Economic Affairs in Qatar has spoken to the Dutch Agriculture Council in the region about their plans for stimulating the expansion of poultry meat and egg production. Hans van de Beek of the agriculture council then approached DPC with a request for us to participate in a seminar in Qatar.

At the seminar, we provided an explanation of the ‘Dutch Approach’, which is an integrated approach towards the production chain in which every link has an effect on the others. In such a system, food safety starts in the first link of the chain. For the very reasons that both production and production monitoring in the Netherlands are at such a high level, and that Dutch companies are so strongly internationally focused, they are able to relate the quality requirements very well to the prevailing circumstances in Qatar. Also attending were several Dutch companies which zoomed in more closely on specific parts of the supply chain. 

The 30 or so guests at the seminar consisted partly of members of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and partly of companies who have spotted opportunities in setting up poultry supply chains. We have already been in touch with various guests and we have put forward their Dutch companies as ones that would be able to assist in the setting up of systems for the different links needed.

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