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Coppens Diervoeding (Coppens Feeds)
Postbus 79
5700 AB Helmond
The Netherlands
+ 31 (0)492 - 531600

Coppens Diervoeding (Coppens Feeds)

90 years of entrepreneurship

Coppens Feeds is a medium-sized family-owned company deeply committed to its customers and the feed sector. The company produces and sells animal feed that provide significant added value for farmers. All this does not come easily. Innovation and commitment are prerequisites in the objectives of Coppens, that continuously tries to improve all facets of the company. The advisors of Coppens take continuous care of their customers in order to achieve the best results for humans and animals alike.


Healthy and honest food

Coppens Feeds produces its feeds for rearing farms and parent animals with the aid of a roller mill, which gives the food a better structure and a more constant quality level. This way the hens optimise their food intake and it keeps the stables dryer. Clients that work with turkey or broilers also easily achieve interesting results, with help of good management based on the advice and the feed provided by Coppens.


Poultry Research Centre

Product innovation and research have an important role in the creation of reliable and high-quality feeds. Coppens therefore owns a private research company for field trials. The operations of this Poultry Research Centre include long-term research into the importance of early nutrition for broilers and (intestinal) health for poultry. Innovation at Coppens is also reflected in the search for other raw materials (such as insects), participation in sustainable meat concepts and a highly modern production proces of the animal feed.


Coppens Animal Feed has a joint venture with Ponco. This is an international company with nutritional experts for the poultry farming sector worldwide. We can give you a solution to problems in the barn, support in the production of specific feeds or produce feed or feed ingredients. For more information?:

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