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Strict quality standards

Quality is one of the main pillars of the animal feed sector. Durability, safety and respect for people, animals and the environment are important aspects for a long-term vision. It is therefore obvious that these same principles are core values for E.F.S. With the GMP + quality system as the basis, the company commits itself to the strictest standards and thereby guarantees the delivery of quality products and concepts.

Poultry products

Performing E.F.S. products used for poultry feed are among others Stabilacid, used against enterobacteria such as E. coli and salmonella, Pidolin PCa for eggshell quality and Nutri-C®, a sophisticated blend of organic acids enriched with natural betaine. This third product gives premixes or mixed feed a higher energy level, fights bacteria, makes the feed taste better and improves product performance of the animals.

Preferred partner

E.F.S. has earned a reputation as a valuable consultation partner within the mixed feed industry. Its years of experience and extensive contacts mean that prominent suppliers continue to choose E.F.S. as their distributor or agent.

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