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Our mission is to help every livestock farmer make sure their animals remain healthy, wherever they may be in the world. To fulfil this mission, we develop veterinary solutions with our customers’ changing demand in mind. Kepro always offers the best products that are specifically aimed at preventing and resolving health problems among livestock. We offer added value to our clients thanks to constant development of products and services and the application of our knowledge and skills.

From its location in the Netherlands, Kepro has been producing veterinary pharmaceuticals for livestock since 1972. Our products can be found in 85 countries worldwide, from Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia to Central and South America. We manufacture sterile as well as non-sterile veterinary pharmaceuticals. These are mainly watersoluble powders, oral liquids, injectables and specialities such as boluses and antiparasitic substances. The high-end production process meets the latest European GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards so that quality is always guaranteed.

Reliable and skilled

We believe in doing reliable business with mutual respect for one another as well as for other cultures. The live-stock industry in the Netherlands is highly regarded internationally, due in part to the special position it occupies in veterinary science. Kepro’s know-how benefits farmers throughout the world. We consider good quality for a fair price crucial. Our business operation is based on sustainability, efficiency and sharing our knowledge. Improve life: Share knowledge, Work efficiently and Act sustainable.

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