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Vitelia Voeders
Depute Petersstraat 27
5808 BB Oirlo
+31 (0) 478 578111
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Vitelia Voeders

Healthy and honest feed

Love for the profession, dedication and an overall passion for animals, that is what you and Vitelia have in common. Healthy, balanced and honest feed is a shared responsibility. The Netherlands is one of the most developed and specialized farming areas in the world. Performance enhancement of animals will become even more important in the future. And Vitelia will continue this chosen path with its clients.

Passion for poultry

The poultry industry is a dynamic industry with constant new developments in the fields of health, environment, business efficiency and optimization. Since poultry farms often have large scales, relatively small differences can have big consequences. Vitelia Voeders uses its extensive knowledge and network to make the crucial difference. The company has product ranges for three poultry feeds: rearing feed, laying hen feed and broiler feed.

Laying hens and broilers

The laying hen feed by Vitelia is available in different compositions adapted to hens with much or less freedom of movement. Vitalia produces all of its poultry feeds with the unique Magi-Mill technique, which makes it possible to determine for each raw material which grinding and mixing technique is best for the specific feed. All broiler feeds are composed after extensive research by Vitelia’s own nutritional department and research institutions such as Schothorst. Key figures proof the outstanding results of this broiler feed.

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