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Ongoing innovation

Intracare invests widely in new developments, products, registrations, specialist employees and production facilities. Reduction of pathogenic micro organisms that negatively affect the welfare and condition of animals is an important pillar within our organisation. Intracare co-operates with veterinarians, farmers and nutritionists in the development of practical and effective solutions. The company strongly focuses on the development and registration of new products, in order to market them in co-operation with strong business partners. Intracare puts R&D at the centre of the business, which enables the company to maintain standing out as an innovator and initiator.                                                                         

Planet – People – Product

Intracare’s products can be found on all continents throughout the world. The company exports to approx. 80 countries and co-operates with an enthusiastic and exclusive dealer network. The combination of products and knowledge enables poultry farmers to develop their businesses and meet today’s consumer demands. Intracare constantly puts its “Planet-People-Product” approach at the heart of its activities.

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