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Palital Feed Additives
De Tweede Geerden 11
5334LH Velddriel
The Netherlands
+31 418 840 017

Palital Feed Additives

Palital Feed Additives B.V. is a manufacturer of high quality feed additives. Our goal is to create unique, sustainable additives for the animal feed industry. We focus on butyrate concepts, slow-release urea and aromas and sweeteners. Products which stand for Clean Growth. We create and manufacture our products at our own production facility in the Netherlands. This ensures complete control over the products and their quality. The development of the products is done in close cooperation with our customers. Before new products are introduced, they are routinely checked with our final customer: the animal.

Animal health and well-being, performance and return on investment are key. Long-term investments in product innovation and business relationships as well as indisputable quality standards are an integral part of our philosophy.

For poultry, Palital has developed various feed additives in the form of butyrate concepts. The demand for butyrate as an alternative growth promoter increases. Worldwide, there is increasing opposition to the preventive use of antibiotics in the production of animals for meat. Livestock must be clean. It is not just the governments that want to limit the use of antibiotics more and more. The consumer also wants a clean, reliable and safe piece of meat on his plate. Meat that does not contain antibiotics.

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