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OVO-Vision Qwinsoft
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OVO-Vision Qwinsoft

Complete ERP solution

Qwinsoft is the developer of OVO Vision, a financial and logistic system based on Microsoft Dynamics. A complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for all parts in the egg and poultry supply chain, with emphasis on tracking and tracing. Egg professionals no longer need separate systems for every department in the company but now have one complete solution. Different types of companies can use OVO Vision, integrated or partly. Not all components of the program need to be activated to run the system and interfacing with other (financial) systems is possible. OVO Vision is available in two versions: for manual data input and totally automated data input. The totally automated system gathers its information 100% error free, which guarantees a substantial labour savings.

Track and trace all the aspects of an individual egg

OVO Vision’s easy-to-use program allows the registration of purchase data, stock data, sales data, transport data and market prices for all eggs. Tracking and tracing can be made visible for the individual object (egg-grading machine, tank, pasteurizer etc.) or for the complete production plant, starting at the purchasing side, through the processing and ending at the sales side after the various production steps and stock locations. The program is adapted to different kinds of egg processing. Grading, processing, boiling, painting… Though these processes seem very similar, Qwinsoft knows there are big differences. OVO Vision handles all types of egg processing.

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