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OVO-Vision Qwinsoft
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OVO-Vision Qwinsoft

Complete ERP solution

Automation is a must in the commercial egg and poultry business to commit customers’ needs. Increasing consumer awareness of the origin and safety of food means that today’s retailers and food chains demand complete traceability from their suppliers, especially when choosing eggs- and egg products.

OVO-Vision gives you complete control on your business, from receiving eggs to delivering eggs. We provide you not just a simple tracking and tracing system but a total solution to improve efficiency and quality and streamline your business. 

OVO-Vision is a proven total integrated solution and covers all areas of the supply chain, vertically and horizontally. The complete back office and work floor seamlessly work together. All data will be entered in 1 central system, this minimize duplicated data entries and minimize the risk on errors and a really big advantage: Relevant and necessary data will be available through the whole process so it is possible for you to track and trace data upstream and downstream in your business.

Why OVO-Vision?


  • Improve efficiency through the supply chain or parts of it
  • Complete overview and insight of your business via one system
  • Less mistakes, real time and more qualified information
  • Modular and scalable
  • Improve efficiency and quality in your business
  • Always in control of your business, anywhere on any device


Decide on relevant data instead of gut feeling!

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