About Us

Foodmate, founded in 2006, has positioned itself in a short and intensive period as a leading player in the international food and especially poultry meat industry. For the poultry sector Foodmate focuses on efficient and cost-effective cut-up and deboning solutions. The cut-up machines are manufactured with all the associated handling systems. Like the Foodmate deboning machines they stand out by their durability, cost savings and high returns. In addition to these previous systems Foodmate also sells a wide assortment of processing equipment designed for poultry processing, such as machines for live bird handling, killing and de-feathering, eviscerating, chilling, weighing and more.


Foodmate constructs most systems in-house, but also represents a number of renowned international companies in the food sector. In addition, the company has an extensive variety of spare parts and it reconditions existing machines. Though Foodmate is a relatively young company, it recently launched Foodmate US, expanding its worldwide distribution into North America. The company’s international team has 70 enthusiastic and passionate employees, most of which have extensive experience in developing machines for the food processing industry. They do everything to respond to industry trends and constantly seek solutions that offer added value to customers. This attitude fits perfectly with the goal of Foodmate: to help customers achieve the highest efficiency.

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