About Us

The vast variety of chicken products has increased the value of poultry meat, but it sets high demands on the shelf life of those products. The increasing competition on the world market does not allow for product weight or quality loss, and certainly no increased operational costs. For that reason, efficient and reliable refrigeration is a must for succesful poultry meat producers and processors. GEA Netherlands designs and delivers optimum solutions to this end. Many satisfied clients in the Netherlands and abroad appreciate the company for its extensive sales and service network.

Reliable, safe and low energy

GEA Netherlands has more than 100 years of experience as a refrigeration specialist for the poultry processing industry. The company manufactures piston and screw compressors (packages), water/glycol chillers, ice machines, air coolers and other components for industrial cooling techniques. Reliability and security of the systems are top priorities. The refrigeration solutions from GEA Netherlands are known to be extremely flexible and designed for future expansions. Other strong points are the systems low operational costs (low energy consumption and minimum maintenance) and environmental friendliness thanks to the use of natural coolants.

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