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bedrijfssfeerMeyn Food Processing Technology develops and builds machines and systems for processing poultry ? from stand-alone machines to fully-equipped advanced processing lines. Since our company was established in 1959, we have grown into the global market leader in the field of poultry processing equipment. Because that is our focus and because we continue to lead the way through innovation. Our systems cover the total processing process. From hanging and stunning the chickens to chopping and boning them.
Our lines bring together the supply and demand for the end product. By automatically specifying the quality and the weight of the chicken, every chicken can be processed optimally on the basis of orders from customers. And because this enables you to use every gram of meat to the optimum, our processing machines have a high yield.
It is not for nothing that you encounter our machines in slaughterhouses all over the world. We have four production locations, our own offices in fourteen countries and an international team of fitters and service departments in a number of countries. The continuity of your production is our priority. For us, that means developing and providing sustainable technology and excellent service. Service that goes further than just support on location. For example, we provide remote service and guarantee the fast delivery of spare parts. Our website plays a crucial role in the provision of these services. For example, online ordering facilities make it easy to order the right parts for the right machine.
For more information, see http://www.meyn.com

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