About Us

Production of agricultural LED lighting through innovation.

LEDfactory is located on the Archimedesweg in Leeuwarden and has been around for more than 10 years. From the beginning the company started with the development and production concepts for the Intensive Livestock Farming. We have been developing luminaires for poultry farming for years.

Our own Research & Development department develops the luminaires based on market demand and focuses on the wishes of the farmer, installer and all stakeholders within the Agribusiness. "Developing ever better luminaires for livestock farming that are more innovative than the previous generation is our Engineers' credo." We work with universities, research centers throughout Europe and are constantly open to knowledge and new insights.

LEDfactory strives to improve the well-being of human and animal welfare by developing smart lighting solutions.

We realize an added value for the animal, the livestock farmer and the overall customer. We do not only calculate a Return On Investment based on the cost aspect or energy saving. Because LEDfactory goes beyond the 5-year warranty and only starts where others stop. What are the benefits for you as a farmer? With our luminaires we can positively influence the behavior of the animals in such a way that the additional yield is considerably higher. For example you could think of less cannibalism and feather pecking.

Our current employees are experiencing a regular growth due to innovations and increasing professional knowledge, the growth of the company and the growing number of colleagues. In addition to producing luminaires for poultry farming, the luminaires are now being developed and produced as well for pigs, cattle, turkey, horse and goat farming. And the development of LED lighting for Agribusiness does not stop there.


We continue to go forward! Are you joining us?

We would like to get in touch with anyone who wants to play an active role in optimizing the innovation of lighting within the agricultural industry of livestock farming.

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