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Healthy poultry performs best

Healthy animals are the foundation of a reliable food chain. Therefore poultry farmers and consumers have a common interest in healthy poultry. This requires careful monitoring and specific veterinarian knowledge of animal health. An important function of the GD is monitoring. Clinical pictures are examined, diagnoses made. This allows for the timely discovery of diseases requiring official notification or new diseases and it makes new animal health trends in the poultry sector visible.

Serum and feather samples

GD Animal Health analyses thousands of (blood) samples every day. Through this preventive examination GD can keep a close eye on health situations. Poultry farmers and other clients are assured of  reliable, independent research results. The GD offers poultry farmers the possibility to deliver blood, to be frozen in as serum. If health problems occur, the stored serum and newly drawn blood can be examined. This procedure shows links between infections and health problems. In a similar way the GD’s feather bank offers rearing farms the possibility to test for vaccines.

Monitoring and education

GD has a unique isolated animal testing facilities at its disposal. Here vaccines and medication can be tested under strict conditions on pairs of Specific Pathogen Free poultry. To this end, international organisations are more than willing to work together with GD. GD is happy to share the expertise that is at its disposal with other parties in the sector. An example of this is the information provided to third parties by GD specialists via lectures and written publications.

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