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Colubris Cleantech
Stevinstraat 11-15
7102 DZ Winterswijk
+31 (0)543 55 13 70

Colubris Cleantech

Water for the future

Colubris Cleantech is a Dutch family owned company with over 35 years’ experience in separation and purifying technologies. 

We offer a complete range of products and processes for water, waste recycling and bioresource solutions. Our Colubris Water Solutions division specialises in the design and construction of industrial wastewater treatment plants for the food industry. Our solutions are engineered to make from untreated factory outflows clean water for discharge to a local sewage works or to produce clean water meeting river discharge regulations. Colubris can also further treat the industrial effluent for secondary use as irrigation water or as reuse water in the factory as processing water or as grey water. Colubris operates worldwide through a network of subsidiaries, agents and distributors.

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