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DPC member Jan Workamp appointed as Member of the Order of Orange-Nassau

Thanks to his commitment to the poultry sector and Dutch society, Jan was appointed as Member of the Order of Orange-Nassau, by the mayor of Barneveld.

Jan Workamp is active as an independent advisor in poultry farming, is affiliated with the Livestock Emission Reduction Practice Center and is committed to animal health and emissions research. He is also a member of the Dutch Poultry Center.

Between 1981 and 2015, Mr. Workamp worked at the Practical School for Poultry and Pig Farming, the Poultry Farming Testing Foundation, De Heus Feed Factory, a Duck integration and the Health Service.

In 2015 he continued his work  as an independent consultant. He was involved in the establishment of the Livestock Emission Reduction Practice Center, part of the Poultry Expertise Center in Barneveld. He also helps establish the Calf Expertise Center. In 2017, he played an important role during the fipronil crisis, which affected hundreds of poultry farmers in the country.

On behalf of all DPC members, we would like to thank Jan for his commitment to the Dutch Poultry Sector. And congratulations on this award! Well deserved!

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