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DPC member Protix receives multi-million euro loan from the EIB

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has granted a loan of up to €37 million to Protix, the largest insect breeder in the world, based in Bergen op Zoom. The company, Protix, has declared its intention to allocate the funds towards building a new factory in Poland.

Protix breeds insects with the aim of producing proteins and fats from them in a sustainable manner. Among other uses, the nutrients produced find their application in pet food and fertilisers. The EIB loan should enable Protix to ‘expand its operations and utilise its technologies for the sustainable development of solutions within the bioeconomy’, explains Vice-President Teresa Czerwińska of the EIB.

Last year, Kees Aarts, the top executive at Protix, stated in an ANP interview his imminent plans for international growth. Protix has reported that multiple locations in Poland are under investigation.

Protix Growth

Lynn De Proft, the financial head of Protix, expresses her enthusiasm about the agreement reached with the EIB. “This is significant not only for the expansion opportunities it presents, but also as a resounding endorsement. This backing reinforces the notion that our industry not only holds a stable position but is also primed for substantial growth.”

Tyson Foods, the American meat processor, had already declared its plan to invest in Protix back in October. The two companies also disclosed their intention to collaborate on the construction of a factory in the United States. 

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