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Frank Zitman has been named Plant Manager for Chore-Time Europe

Frank Zitman has been named Plant Manager for Chore-Time Europe’s Ede, Netherlands facility, according to Tina Streit, Vice President and General Manager of the CTB, Inc. business unit. In his new position, Zitman will be responsible for overseeing the maintenance and safety of Chore-Time’s facility in Ede, Netherlands. He will also lead several groups, including metal production, customer fulfillment, logistics and warehouse, assembly, and supply chain and planning.

Prior to being named Plant Manager, Zitman worked for Spirado B.V., a production facility for Chore-Time in Amersfoort, Netherlands. Here, he held the positions of Sales and Operations Manager and, most recently, Plant Manager. He has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a masterclass in operations engineering from NCOI Business School, Utrecht, Netherlands.

Zitman is originally from Eemnes, Netherlands, and currently resides in Barneveld, Netherlands. His native language is Dutch, and he is also fluent in English and German.

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