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Vencomatic Group
Meerheide 200
5521 DW Eersel
The Netherlands
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Vencomatic Group

Thinking ahead

The Vencomatic Group has over 400 committed employees who serve thousands of customers worldwide. The company constantly looks for alternative solutions and new sustainable products. Vencomatic Group’s poultry professionals know what it takes to run a successful poultry farm. And as the company strongly believes in working together to optimize results, it happily shares this knowledge to help poultry farmers make their business a success.

Breeders and layer farms

Vencomatic Group started almost 40 years ago, with a then breakthrough innovation: the first automatic breeder nest box. And still the company continues to develop state-of-the-art products for breeder housing, heating and egg handling. For layer farms Vencomatic offers excellent aviary systems that simulate the natural environment and rearing systems that train the birds to follow their natural instincts. For the handling of table eggs a simple, compact and safe range of machinery is developed by Prinzen.

On-farm hatching for broiler chicks

To grow a broiler to target weight is a challenge. With the housing and climate solutions of the Vencomatic Group, farmers can create the best conditions for their birds to grow in. As Vencomatic Group strongly believes in a good start for the day-old chicks, the company developed on-farm hatching. This system fulfils the three basic needs of a chick – food, water, fresh air – from the beginning.

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