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Oude Bosscheweg 9
5301 LA Zaltbommel
The Netherlands
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The Cagemax trading company has been active in the purchase and sale of high-grade animal protein and fats since 1997. Cagemax has successfully set up and expanded this trade by supplying large quantities to various larger and smaller pet food producers. Besides its initial focus on the pet food sector, Cagemax is now also active in the supply of animal by-products, biological by-products and waste products in areas such as the aqua feed sector, compound feed industry, fertiliser industry and the energy sector.

Cagemax is able to supply its products direct from the producer, as well as from one of its storage or transhipment premises, which are situated in the neighbourhood of its office in Zaltbommel. With its knowledge, experience and extensive worldwide network, Cagemax is not only able to supply various products and qualities, but also to give advice on market and sector developments and changing legislation.

Cagemax is and continues to be a stable partner in the dynamic animal by-products market.

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