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Ottevanger Milling Engineers
Moerkapelse zijde 32
2751 DL Moerkapelle
The Netherlands
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Ottevanger Milling Engineers

Craftsmanship in mixing and milling

Ottevanger Milling Engineers is a leading global supplier of production equipment and processing lines for the grain processing and compound feed industry. Founded in 1909, Ottevanger Milling Engineers is today still an independent, privately owned, successful Dutch company, managed by of the fourth generation of the Ottevanger family.

Ottevanger does business world-wide as a dependable, high-quality component supplier, but also as a prime contractor or subcontractor on large-scale projects. The best solutions are the result of close cooperation with our customers, from the initial requirements specification through to training and handover.

Ottevanger’s expertise lies in; engineering, production and installation of machinery and complete installations in the dry-cereal and grain processing industry such as:

  • Diervoederfabrieken
  • Premix- en concentratenfabrieken
  • Visvoeder- en huisdiervoederinstallaties
  • Graanverwerkingslijnen
  • Biomassa-installaties

Modular systems
Containerised mills are a unique concept developed by Ottevanger Milling Engineers. The containerised mills are developed in the early 70’s and since then many references build worldwide. Over 40 years a complete range of highly efficient production units has been developed. Constantly upgraded to meet the latest standards in milling technology.

Reducing installation time
The complete unit is pre-assembled in the factory, thus reducing installation time on site by 80%. The complete electric control is part of the delivery and can be extended to a fully computerised system.

The containerised mills can be supplied in the range of 1 to 45 tonnes per hour. The equipment is installed 20-foot container which can be handled as separate modules. The frame of the container has two functions. The frame is not only used for shipment it is also the steel structure of the machine tower.


Wide range of equipment and systems

Ottevanger is a supplier of wide range of equipment and systems for every part of a processing line.

  • Storage & Handling
  • Conveying & Discharging
  • Cleaning
  • Dosing & Weighing
  • Grinding
  • Milling & Structurizing
  • Mixing
  • Conditioning
  • Pelleting
  • Extrusion systems
  • Drying & Cooling
  • Crumbling
  • Sieving
  • Coating
  • Electric Control & Automation.

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