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MSD Animal Health
Wim de Körverstraat 35
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The Netherlands
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MSD Animal Health

Vaccines for continuity

The productivity of your poultry has everything to do with the animals health. In this context, prevention of declining productivity due to disease makes more sense than curing the problem after the fact. So naturally, you acquire the right vaccines to arm yourself against an invisible enemy. In the choice of vaccines, effectiveness and ease of use for the poultry farmer form are both very important. For veterinary medicinal products that meet these two criteria, MSD Animal Health has the perfect solutions. This global firm, with a headquarter in The Netherlands, produces effective vaccines for poultry and other farm animals. With these vaccines poultry farmers can build a balanced vaccination program to optimally protect their animals. And this is a prerequisite for the continuity of your productions.

Crystal clear innovation strategy

MSD Animal Health adapts its operations to the unique requirements of today's market. With as its ultimate goal: to provide customers with the best integrated solutions of products and services that meet these ever evolving needs. Thanks to quality raw materials and in-depth knowledge of vaccine technology MSD Animal Health succeeds again and again to develop new and effective vaccines. In addition, the company constantly improves the user-friendliness of the vaccins. By developing new ways of administering the vaccines, for instance, or combining different vaccines into a single product. Therefore MSD Animal Health invests no less than 12% of its turnover in research.

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