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Trouw Nutrition
Nijverheidsweg 2
3881 LA Putten
+31 (0)341 371 611
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Trouw Nutrition

Bringing advanced technology to the market

Trouw Nutrition, Nutreco’s livestock business line, is an organization that deeply cares about building a more sustainable future – both for our industry and for people everywhere.

We are committed to translating science into actionable, practical nutrition and farm management solutions to help the poultry industry produce high quality eggs and meat.

At Trouw Nutrition, we take pride in our research facilities, unparalleled among our peers for size, quality, capacity, expertise and experience in the poultry sector.

Our technical people in the field, together with Trouw Nutrition’s Poultry R&D team are specialized in young chick nutrition, gut health and precision nutrition.

We strive to find novel, science based solutions on complex industry challenges by working closely together with our customers.

Our portfolio consists of complete feed, premixes and in feed as well as on farm feed additives.

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