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Ridder Drive Systems
Lorentzstraat 36-38
3846 AX Harderwijk
The Netherlands
+31 (0)341 416 854
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Ridder Drive Systems

Drive systems for livestock housing

Ridder Drive Systems, established in 1953, today is a worldwide market leader in drive systems for the agribusiness. For livestock housing it produces ventilation systems, hoisting systems, automatic feeding and drinking lines and eject systems for laying nests. Constant factor: a vision of the future and the will to keep improving. That is why Ridder Drive Systems is a company with above-average investment in innovation. Staying close to the market keeps the company aware of the needs of livestock house builders, installers, distributors and above all, the customers.

Reliable technology

There is much at stake in agricultural enterprises. Capital investments add up fast. It is only logical that high demands exist for the quality of systems, installations and equipment. And especially for the mission-critical technology that Ridder supplies. The drive systems form an essential component of systems for climate control and management. And as these are vital systems, Ridder sets increasingly stringent quality requirements. As the company has always done, with innovative developments in rack drives, and new products such as the Ridder LogicLink and the Ridder Power Roller.

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