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Smart logistic solutions

Transport is the link between all parts of the egg production chain. The more efficiently the products are packed, the more efficient logistics can be. Standardisation, as little weight as possible, optimal product protectiont and minimal handling are important. To meet all these requirements, Gi-Ovo has a wide range of innovative logistics concepts available. The EggsCargoSystem® increases productivity in the logistics of consumption. The HatchCargoSystem® is a state-of-the-art logistic system for hatching eggs. The sustainable egg box EggyPlay® is based on the worldfamous Lego brand.

The basis of efficient logistics

Gi-Ovo offers labour-friendly and uniform solutions that boost productivity. One innovative example are the plastic pallets equipped with microchips, a product turned towards the future. With target-oriented innovations, the company contributes to greater efficiency in logistics. From its huge stocks, Gi-Ovo sis able to supply all packing materials just-in-time.


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