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Poultry Machinery Joosten
De Veken 246
1716 KJ Opmeer
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Poultry Machinery Joosten

Leader in duck processing technology

Poultry Machinery Joosten (PMJ) was founded in 1999 by Egbert Joosten. Prior to that moment Mr. Joosten worked for different world-renowned poultry equipment manufacturers. There he learned that processing chicken and ducks is not the same. Due to the carcass characteristics ducks need a special treatment and specific processing. Joosten and its team got support from various duck processors in the field and made PMJ the global specialist in waterfowl processing systems it is today.

High performing and flexible machines

Duck processors all over the world choose to install PMJ’s complete processing lines or opt for a replacement or upgrade of existing systems. PMJ machines are known to be flexible and high performing. They especially meet the high demands for the processing of ducks for the Chinese and Asian cuisine. The new processing lines can run at a capacity of up to 6.000-7.000 birds per hour. PMJ's dedicated team of processing specialists and motivated product designers are ready to help you make innovative plans for a sustainable future for your waterfowl processing business.

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