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Ter Heerdt Kuikens en Hennen
Babberichseweg 89
6909 AN Babberich
The Netherlands
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Ter Heerdt Kuikens en Hennen

High-quality rearing hens and chicks

Poultry farmers have one main objective and that is to meet the highest possible production levels. For this they need a brood of strong laying-hens. Healthy animals that have grown under the best conditions. Day-old chicks and rearing hens that are up to their task: to produce. Ter Heerdt Hatchery forms the link between hatching eggs and eggs for consumption. Your key to success.

For all types of poultry farms

We control quality throughout the chain, from base material to rearing hens or day-old chicks. We carefully supervise both our own breeding farms, hatcheries and rearing farms and the companies that work for us under contract. Seven advisors and a variety of specialists guarantee expert supervision. Whether dealing with battery, deep-litter, free-range or organic chickens, clients can always rely on the right expertise. After more than 75 years of experience within the same family, Ter Heerdt has all the know-how.

Reliability and professionalism

Ter Heerdt is committed to a personal and transparent relationship with its customers. Personal involvement with their clients is characteristic of this organisation and the quality it delivers. The business philosophy of Ter Heerdt consists of three core values: reliability, entrepreneurship and craftsmanship. A good example is the Transparent Rearing System. With this online tool, customers can follow the rearing process of their flocks over the Internet.

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