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Walinga Inc.
Betje Wolffstraat 6
9721 RR  Groningen
+1 519 835 8520

Walinga Inc.

Building any body for anybody

Established in 1954 as a small manufacturing firm with the slogan ‘Building any body for anybody’, Walinga Inc. still is a company that thrives on responding to the special requests of customers. From the fully extruded base on the Ultra-Lite tanks to the moveable dividers in the combination Bag-Bulk units, and numerous variations in between, one can see Walinga’s dedication to understanding the customers’ needs.

Over 60 years of quality and service

Even though from a distance, a feed truck looks like any other feed truck, you will notice that once you step up to it there are a lot of things that can be different. Walinga offers many special features and options to create customized products of the highest quality, at the fairest price and with durability. Because Walinga bulk transportation equipment is built to last, day after day. Since its modest two-person beginning 60 years ago to a present staff of 280 and a dealer network that spans the globe, Walinga’s commitment to excellence remains unchanged. A manifest brought to life through every person in the company, delivering a tradition of unparalleled customer service and product superiority.

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