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Joining forces for high quality

The Agrifirm Group consists of several subsidiaries that offer a wide range of products and services for the agricultural sector in the Netherlands and other countries in Europe. The now 100-year-old cooperative enterprise invests a lot of time and money in R&D and innovation. Amonts other things, in the field of nutritional research, in order to to produce even richer nutrients. Interesting products poultry feed products that emerged from this type of laboratory research are Wellcome, a feed concept for broiler chicks, and Vigor, feed for laying hens that provides couples with better resistancy and improved laying persistency.

Sustainable partner for succesful farmers

Agrifirm adds value through innovations and its expert employees who operate close to the customer. The company’s sustainable and innovative concepts enable customers to anticipate the challenges of today and tomorrow. In doing so, Agrifirm is an important link in the long-term success of farmers and market gardeners.

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