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GMP+ International
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The Netherlands
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GMP+ International

International certification

More than 20 years ago the Dutch feed industry initiated the GMP+ Feed Certification in response to various more or less serious incidents involving contamination in feed materials. Although it started as a national program, it has developed into an international scheme managed by GMP+ International in collaboration with various international stakeholders. The main modules of the certification system are: GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance (focussed on feed safety) and GMP+ Feed Responsibility Assurance (focussed on responsible feed

GMP+ Feed Safety and GMP+ Feed Assurance

The GMP+ Feed Safety module was developed to guarantee the safety of feed and to comfort consumers by guaranteeing that feed products are produced, processed, traded, stored and transported in a responsible manner. The GMP+ Feed Assurance module aims at responsible entrepreneurship. Companies that apply the Feed Responsibility Assurance focus on the consequences of their actions for people and the environment, in addition to making profit.

Label for reliability and sustainability

A quality label from GMP+ International tells you, the entrepreneur, that the certified companies guarantee reliability, quality, sustainability and safety in the international food chain. That means that they meet all local and international statutory standards in the feed industry.

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