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FarmResult strengthens team with Aalt den Herder

FarmResult is pleased with the arrival of Aalt den Herder. Richard ten Cate, owner of FarmResult B.V., and Aalt recently signed the agreement. This strategic move will enable FarmResult to respond even better to the needs of Dutch poultry farmers. This cooperation has already resulted in the development of a promising new product.

The initial contacts between FarmResult and Aalt den Herder were made in the autumn of 2023. FarmResult was looking for reinforcement to realise its ambitions. Following several conversations, it was evident that there was a connection, not only with the shareholder but also with the FarmResult team. Following a brief market survey, a distinct understanding of the market dynamics and the desires of poultry farmers emerged. The outlines for FarmResult’s fresh direction in the Dutch poultry sector soon became clear, with a primary focus on creating added value for poultry farmers.

It is quite indicative that to date, software licences for farm management are typically issued through compound feed manufacturers. A field visit revealed that the majority of software inadequately considers the working methods of poultry farmers. It is also evident that this software doesn’t provide enough additional benefits in relation to feed and climate computers, which poultry farmers use alongside spreadsheets and/or pen sheets. Consequently, there is little interest in investing in farm management software among poultry farmers. Another factor is that much of the software and related technology do not always align well with the situations encountered in farming practices. Consider in this respect double data entry, unstable internet connections and disruptions. FarmResult sees potential here to take on a significant role in supporting business owners in the poultry sector.

Working closely with Richard and the team, Aalt den Herder will make strides in product development, marketing, and sales. FarmResult envisages launching the new product within the first six months of 2024 and expects to welcome a large number of new customers by tapping into a gap in the market. “We do everything step by step. Practising poultry farmers are involved in the product development. We aim for a flawless implementation, in which we exceed expectations”, according to Aalt den Herder.

Aalt den Herder versterkt FarmResult

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