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After 35 years, the CEO of family business Colubris Cleantech makes way for a new generation

After 35 years, the CEO of family business Colubris Cleantech makes way for a new generation.

Founder Gertie van den Hurk is transferring the role of Managing Director, CEO, to Frank Tillmann on September 1st. He will no longer focus on the day-to-day management, but will work on the further growth of the company as entrepreneur / owner of Colubris Cleantech. He recently reached the age of 65 and believes it's time for a new generation of leaders, so that accumulated knowledge and passionate young people with new insights can complement each other.

Family business

Colubris Cleantech is involved in the purification of wastewater, waste recycling and bioresource solutions. The company was founded by Gertie van den Hurk in 1984. He quickly came to the conclusion that he could not do everything by himself. The company from the Achterhoek grew from a one-man business into a global player in the field of environmental technology. Colubris is a real family business: Son Dennis (27 years working in the company) is active as operational manager. Daughter Reggy (22 years with the company), is responsible for communications and is team leader of the secretariat. Son Joey is active as an entrepreneur and is responsible for the marketing of various initiatives. Just like his father Gertie, he will also focus on different kinds of innovation at Colubris. Gertie: "The employees have been the backbone of the family from the start. Our greatest strength is the people around us. This is the main focus in our entrepreneurship."


In the short term, it turned out to be impossible to find a new CEO within the ranks of the company. After a long search, Colubris found an experienced man in Frank Tillmann, who will take on the role of daily management. Frank: "We have found each other in vision and equal insights". "Hereby, we will also seek partnerships with external parties who will be able to strengthen us." Collaboration and continuity are crucial. Our slogan says it all: Let's close the loop together.

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