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BioChek Group opens new affiliate in South Africa

With this new office in Johannesburg, BioCheck can cater to itscustomers and the growing markets in the entire Sub-Saharan region.

Together with the valued partners in the past, BioCheck can have built a strong foothold into the African market.

BioCheck offer a total solution for the veterinary and food safety market, thanks to the close collaboration with Biotecon and Hygiena. The BioChek Group has acquired Biotecon Diagnostics in April 2020, and as of March 2021, Hygiena is the mother company of the BioChek Group.

This brings a broad portfolio of ELISA tests, qPCR test, extraction kits, robotics and data analysis software under one umbrella, being a leading global player in veterinary and food safety solutions.

This combined offering also brings opportunities to expand the global reach by establishing new entities in designated areas.

The new office in South Africa will be the first new affiliate of the BioChek Group offering this integrated range of products.

The dedicated team will work closely with all existing as well as all potential new customers.

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