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GI-OVO opens its first U.S. office location

GI-OVO has announced plans to open its first U.S. office location on January 1st, 2024.

The Netherlands-based company is already producing its products in the U.S., however, the new office location will provide an opportunity for GI-OVO to become better established in the country and provide sales support.

“Our strategy to produce and sell closer to our customers has led us to this decision,” said Bert van Dijk, GI-OVO Unit Business Manager in North America, in an interview with Egg Industry Insight. “This sales office gives us the opportunity to further expand the organization and to be dedicated to our customers in North America.”

Van Dijk and Charles Bursk, GI-OVO Senior Sales Manager, will be based in the U.S. office and manage the existing production sites for its products. Additionally, the duo plans to focus on sales of GI-OVO’s EggsCargoSystem brand.

The EggsCargoSystem is a transportation system that consists of a specialized pallet, dividers and different types of trays. It comes in three sizes and can accommodate chicken, turkey and duck eggs. In the U.S., the system is produced by manufacturers in Ohio and Arizona.

 “It was and is our ambition to produce and sell the system as close as possible to our customers. This will shorten our lead times, prevent high costs for sea transport and allow customers to pay in their own currency,” said Dijk.

In addition to GI-OVO’s new U.S. office, it has also recently opened offices in Malaysia, Italy and Brazil, and is in the process of establishing an office in China, added Dijk.


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