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Industry leader talk: Mark Schippers, CEO Schippers Group: ‘Let's strengthen our joint position’

Mark, you can be the first in this spot, as market leader and preferred partner of Dutch Poultry Centre.

Being the first or sticking your neck out for something, I have no problem with that. After all, at The Schippers Group, we also lead the way. 'Let's beat AMR, with HyCare' is our pay-off. Every day, we and our subsidiaries are committed to beating antimicrobial resistance (AMR). We do this by striving for the highest attainable level of hygiene in animal husbandry, thereby greatly reducing the use of antibiotics. Without infection, there is no disease. And without disease, no antibiotic use.


How do you strive for the highest attainable level of hygiene?

The premium products of our best-in-class product line MS Gold are an important part of our HyCare hygiene management. The line includes cleaning and disinfection products, pipe and water purifiers and hygiene powders.

Which hygiene challenges does the poultry industry face?

Keeping animals is top-class sport. All conditions must be as good as possible so that all the animal's energy is spent on growth, production or reproduction. Every animal performs better when hygiene is in order; we also see this in the results of The Schippers Group's (pilot) broiler farms. Good hygiene management also insures a farm operator against major setbacks, such as a sudden outbreak of bird flu. Where many poultry live close together, or groups of animals follow each other rapidly in rounds, hygiene must be in order. Young animals are particularly vulnerable and germs disrupt, slow down and significantly reduce production. A good start in a clean house is essential for broilers and young layers. We aim for a germ count of 0, or as close to it as possible.

Which role does livestock farming play in antimicrobial resistance?

Eighty percent of antibiotic use worldwide is attributed to livestock production, especially those in emerging markets: Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

Farmers in these markets unfortunately adjust a lot with antibiotics to cover up hygiene mismanagement. This is how AMR is encouraged. I recently saw with my own eyes in Egypt that preventive antibiotics are added as standard to both starter feed and growth feed for broilers.

Now cancer is the number one cause of death. By 2050, it will be AMR.

Due to increasing resistance, antibiotics largely lose their effectiveness, including in human healthcare. For this reason, antimicrobial resistance is expected to kill 10,000,000 people a year worldwide by 2050. That is more than three times the number of deaths per year from Covid-19 during the corona pandemic.

And the Dutch poultry sector, how is it doing?

The Netherlands has many, progressive companies that know how to uphold the image of the Dutch poultry sector and are members of DPC. We all do what the animals and the sector benefit most and what we are good at. We all contribute to the top position we now have as the Netherlands on the international market.

How can we as DPC best support the sector?

I always say: alone you go faster, together you go further. To achieve valuable goals, working together is a must. For me, working together means bringing out the best in colleagues, investing in valuable partnerships and building lasting relationships with customers. And I certainly don't forget fellow entrepreneurs like you. We can help each other further and make smart use of the fact that the Dutch poultry sector is seen as top-of-the-bill. I tell you how and make a call. Whether a company produces feed or additives, supplies chicks or genetics or is a specialist in house solutions; by sharing knowledge and jointly offering products and services, we can take our (individual) offering to a higher level. This way, we continue to innovate the Dutch poultry sector and maintain our global position as a leader in the future.


What is the share of The Schippers Group?

The Schippers Group is an important part of that sum in the poultry sector. After all, a service or product performs best in a good and hygienic environment. We lay this environment, the foundation of the company. I often say: you can buy good sports shoes, but if the surface is not good, the shoes won't perform either.

If we increase the value of your product, will you help us fight against antimicrobial resistance?

By forming a consortium, we are strong together, also in the future. Let's combine our individual strengths, strengthen our joint position and share our network in emerging markets. After all, important export opportunities lie in these areas. Come fly with us. Let's also share knowledge. I believe that he who does good, meets good. Those who send customers can also expect customers back.

I look forward to hearing from you, fellow entrepreneur!

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