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Pluriton and Broederij van Gent enter into an exclusive collaboration

Pluriton, distributor (hatchery and rearing integration) of hatching eggs, day-old chicks and pullets of, among others, the laying breeds H&N Brown Nick, H&N Super Nick and H&N Crystal Nick, will collaborate exclusively with Broederij Van Gent in Veenendaal.

Hatchery van Gent, whose management is formed by Willem van Gent and Marlies van Asselt – van Gent, will hatch laying chicks exclusively for Pluriton. In addition to incubation of traditional laying chicks, Van Gent will also apply sex determination in the hatching egg, using, among other things, AAT’s non-invasive hyperspectral technique, called Cheggy Zoom.

Pluriton produces about 45 million traditional laying chicks per year in its own hatcheries in Afferden (NL), Arendonk (B) and Babolna (HU). In addition, Pluriton has been incubating in Bladel (N) since May 2024 and applies the non-invasive sex determination technique for brown and white laying breeds from Orbem – Vencomatic, called Genus Focus. “Through this collaboration with the Van Gent family, we are able to more centralize the incubation process and the hatching of so-called OKT (Ohne Küken Toten) laying chicks. This ensures further capacity expansion, a more efficient production process, as well as a clear separation of traditional and OKT laying chicks. In addition, with Cheggy Zoom we can better serve the growing OKT market for brown laying breeds,” says Hans Groot Koerkamp, who, together with Cees Blankestijn, forms the management of Pluriton.

Marlies van Asselt – van Gent and Willem van Gent explain their choice: “Since its founding in 1946, our family business has been active as a hatchery in Veenendaal for three generations. For the last 33 years we have worked exclusively for the breeding company Cobb Genetics. We are therefore used to working according to the highest standards in the field of quality, biosecurity and animal welfare. In order to continue to deliver added value in these areas, we continue to invest in our hatchery. We therefore look forward to collaborating with the Pluriton organization. With the application of sex determination technology we can once again make an important step in the field of animal welfare. A new step that we fully support and are very proud of.”  

“With this collaboration, we not only strengthen our company with a high-quality hatchery, but also with a company where people work with knowledge, passion, commitment and drive that fits in with Pluriton’s culture.” said the management.


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