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Welcome Protix BV as new DPC member!

 Protix is the leading company in insect-based ingredients for healthy and sustainable pet food, animal feed and organic fertilizer. The company is on a mission to create low-footprint ingredients that solve major challenges in the current food system.

Protix creates a circular food chain by using organic waste from the food industry as feed for the black soldier fly (BSF). In turn, the insects are processed into valuable nutrients such as proteins and lipids. Protix’s customers use these proteins and lipids as high-quality ingredients for feed and food. Moreover, residual streams from the insects are used as organic fertilizer. This way, insects close the loop and bring the food system back into balance with nature.

Protix operates the first-in-the-world industrial insect facility. With breeding and processing under one roof, the company has complete control of the production chain and offers reliable, high-quality supply. As the frontrunner and industry leader, Protix has laid the basis for a broad range of applications in feed and food. Protix believes in the power of partnerships, and actively seeks collaboration with forward-thinking players to unleash the potential of insect ingredients for the world.

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