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Nijverheidsweg 15
7921 JH, Zuidwolde
The Netherlands
+31 528 372929


With more than seventy years’ experience of hatching eggs and day-old chicks, Haanstra BV in Zuidwolde is a specialist and reliable partner for poultry farmers, hatcheries and exporters. It is our ambition to occupy an independent position in the industry. We make a connection between supply and demand, providing a service in the process of hatching eggs, always acting in the best interests of our customers.

A valuable partner
Haanstra BV is a valuable professional partner for most hatcheries. Our strong position within the network of hatcheries ensures that we are able to work out solutions for a shortage or surplus of chicks or hatching eggs at almost any time. This is based upon a longstanding relationship with dozens of parent stock farms spread across the Netherlands.

The Haanstra feeling
Poultry farming depends on closely integrated chains in which suppliers of chicks and feed cooperate with slaughterhouses. These suppliers do their best to optimize the chain and make it as efficient as possible. That is why they limit the freedom of choice of poultry farmers. Haanstra BV, on the other hand, aims for complete freedom of choice for poultry farmers. These may be smaller businesses or companies processing large numbers. A working relationship with us is based on trust and on you making your own decisions in anything you do. We definitely don’t want to be part of any arrangement that limits your freedom.

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