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Kanters Special Products BV
De Stater 32
5737 RV Lieshout
The Netherlands
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Kanters Special Products BV

Kanters is the specialist in liquid nutritional supplements to support animal health and prevent the use of antibiotics. Kanters develops, manufactures and supplies nutritional supplements, cleaning and disinfection agents, chickpaper, heat inhibitors and hoofcare products for (intensive) livestock farming. The focus is on the drinking water. Drinking water often does not get the attention it deserves, while this is the most important nutrient for an animal. Animals drink at least twice as much as they eat. If an animal is sick or stressed, it will eat less food, but keep drinking. Water is therefore the ideal way to ensure a constant supply of nutrients. Adding nutrients, vitamins, minerals or acids through the drinking water, the animal can absorbe these more efficiently. In this way, Kanters supports animal health, reduces antibiotic use and improves animal welfare. Healthy animals perform better, which will result in a higher business result for the farmer.

Your way to a healthy profit

Due to its agricultural background and years of experience, Kanters has developed a suitable partner which, together with the farmer, is tackling current issues in the livestock sector. For years Kanters has successfully introduced innovative products in order to achieve the best result with the farmer. To accomplish this, Kanters gives technical advice and guidance in the use of her products. In order to provide the best advice, we’ll make customized business program after conducting a business analysis. By combining practical knowledge with the many trends and developments in the agricultural sector, we optimize our product range and develop new products.

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